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Secure Data Solution®   

The Secure Data Solution
® (SDS) is a high performance virtual tape and disaster recovery system that allows an organization to efficiently store and retrieve compressed and encrypted virtual tape images (VTIs). The SDS appears as tape units to attached computer systems; however in actuality, the virtual tape images are compressed and encrypted files that permanently reside on the Secure Data Solution’s disk arrays. Protect your virtual tape library with Secure Data Solution®.

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The advanced IDG 9074® Secure Communications Controller®
offers security, remote access and cost reduction

The IDG 9074® provides secure access to any remote disaster recovery site and offers security, remote access and cost reduction and provides total freedom for users, regardless of the physical location of various systems. Security is complete, with both data encryption and user authentication. Your organizations security administrator controls all security, from a single point. Technical personnel have Remote Access technology to manage any system in the enterprise from any local or remote location with complete security.

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SuperVision Enterprise Management Suite

SuperVision is used by some of the largest companies in the world. SuperVision provides computer operators, technical support personnel and systems administrators a single-point tool to securely manage multi-platform systems. This tool gives data center managers the ability to monitor and respond to every system in their enterprise. It also provides managers with the flexibility to create and employ customized, intelligent automation scripts which provide precise and reliable automation of any task or event on any system in a multi-platform enterprise. Since it is an "outboard" solution, it is non-disruptive to the data center operations.

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